·Cryogenics : The word cryogenics comes from the Greek word “Kryos,” which means cold. This combined with the abbreviated English word “to generate” make the word we know as cryogenics.

·Temperatures that are very cold are not measured in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius but in Kelvins. Kelvins use the unit symbol K. It is named after Baron Kelvin who believed that at very low temperatures a new scale was needed that was not measured by the material state change of water like Fahrenheit or Celsius. Zero degrees Kelvin (0 K) is the theoretically coldest possible temperature.

·Cryogenics produces and studies materials in extremely cold temperatures. Ultra-cold temperatures change the chemical properties of materials. This has become an area of study for researchers who examine different materials as they transition from a gas to a liquid to a solid state. These studies have led to advances in not only our understanding of different materials but the creation of entirely new technologies and industries.

·The temperature of any material is the measure of the energy that it contains. Rapidly moving molecules have a higher temperature than slower-moving molecules.

·HANA’s businesses are based on cryogenics; Cryocoolers, Customized cryostat manufacturing, Superconductivity, Helium/Hydrogen Liquefiers and liquid hydrogen applications.

·HANA is also studying future technologies including quantum computers and superconductors, which are also based on cryogenics.

HANA is also working with Universities, laboratories and domestic/foreign cryogenic companies.