High Precision Source Measure Unit
Wuhan Precise Instrument Co.,Ltd has been producing S series source meter for so many years.The source meter function includes high precision,large dynamic range,digital touch screen,four-quadrant operation,collect and test input&output voltage and current function.
˙ 5 inch Touch Screen graphical operation
˙ Wide range Max 300V,Min 10pA,maximum test power is 30W
˙ Supports front and rear panels, 2/4 wires, and UARD protection
˙ Multiple communication methods:RS-232, GPIB, Ethernet
˙ Full range output and measurement accuracy can reach 0.03%
˙ Standard SCPI instruction set for customer secondary development
˙ Easy to build semiconductor electrical performance testing scenarios
˙ Can be used to test the electrical performance indicators of semiconductors:I、V、R