Business Promotion
· An entry-level cryostat that anyone can easily build and use
· Scalability for wide range of studies
· Minimal maintenance cost
· Educational institutes (high school, Universities) and Laboratories
· Export promotion to Asia(Cooperation with Doojin Corp.)
Features and usages
· Built-in Stirling coolers
· Ultra small size like the Kleenex tissue box
· Temperature range : 50K ~ RT (500K option)
· Fast cooldown(~20 minutes)
· Low noise, Low vibration, low power consumption
· Interface with computer(option)
· Easy to build low temperature environment
· Additional components : vacuum pumps, Instruments.
Customized Cryostat for Research
On-demand product development business Establish a cryogenic environment to meet the measurement environment, sample geometry, and measurement properties of the sample that the user wants to measure according to the user's development request.
Support electronics and software.
· Design/manufacture mK, 1K, 4K, 10K cryostats
· R&D cryostats
· Measurement : resistivity, thermal expansion, Hall effect, MOKE, thermal conductivity, EL/PL, strain,
· Different kinds of cryocoolers that fit customers’ prupose – Stirling, GM, Pulsetube, 1K Subcooler
Helium Liquefiers
· Production and Delivery for Agency defense Development
· Design and manufacture for customized systems
Hydrogen Liquefiers
· 20L/day liquefier under construction
· Member of Gangwon Liquid hydrogen Regulation-Free Zone
· Liquefiers (H2, He, Ne, N2)
· Purifiers, Recovery systems
· Customized systems
³He/⁴He Dilution Cryostat
· ³He/⁴He dilution refrigerator for quantum computers
· Government project proposal for 20mK ³He/⁴He dilution refrigerator