·Hydrogen business is growing fast. Major developed countries have already begun to grow the hydrogen economy to reduce greenhouse gases and create front and rear industries. Humanity has used hydrogen as an energy source since the 1960s, and space exploration is a typical example. Liquefied hydrogen was used when Apollo 11, carrying Neil Armstrong, arrived on the moon in 1969. Hydrogen is also used in the military.
Most nuclear bombs owned by major nuclear-owning countries use deuterium or tritium fusion reactions. Integration in everyday life has also come since a plan was made to mass-produce hydrogen-electric vehicles that use electricity generated in the process of bonding with water through hydrogen chemical reactions in tanks and oxygen in the atmosphere.

·HANA is targeting for liquid hydrogen rather than gas hydrogen. To control and use liquid hydrogen, cryogenics is required due to its low temperature, ~ 253℃(20K).
·HANA manufactures/supplies small scale liquefiers, recovery systems, purifiers, and so on.
·HANA considers new mobility applications using LH2 like drones. HANA also supplies technical consulting and R&D systems.
·And HANA participates in Gangwon Liquid Hydrogen Regulation-Free Zone.